Monday, 9 April 2018

N.Z amazing riders

Hi guys, I have done this slide in my spare time it was a fun project and I loved doing it because I have a pony to myself so I love horses. thanks.


  1. wow Jessie, this is cool! The horse in slide 9 is lucky the leopard doesn't jump out and bite it's fetlocks and the horse in slide 10 looks like it's dancing! Andrew Nicholson is another NZ rider who is incredible, maybe you'd like to look him up? I'm sure you'll remember when you see him on his horse Nereo. Mum

  2. Hi Jessie, My name is Hannah I am from Karoro School. I like the part where you put where Mark Todd was born and his parents names. Maybe next time you could put where in New Zealand he has property.

  3. Hi Jessie My is Ayah from karoro.I like how you put a lot of frit in it.

  4. Hi Jessie, My name is Billie from Karoro School. I like how you wrote
    about famous horse riders. Next time you could write about the lady that won Badminton on TV.It was so much fun having you in our car. I loved singing with you. Are you going to listen to the nail steppers? By Billie.


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